Viagra makes men longevity-intense, successive erections. But it doesn’t mean that Viagra is true to all men. It will only be used with doctor’s prescription to those men who suffers from an erectile dysfunction. This kind of condition implicates that they have difficulty to sustain and obtain erection like normal men with so much blessed with erectile function. Using Viagra without this ailment is a very risky thing do.

Medication of erectile dysfunction using drugs would dramatically change a sexual activity especially when you hire London escort to have intimate time with, and most especially it would be a shame if you will not the escort girl that you are having such trouble on your erectile function.

Numbers of men uses Erectile Dysfunction Drug like Viagra just to compensate their curiosity about it. Some of them think that using it before having a sexual encounter with a London escort would be cool and great, and could bring them into an expensive ride. But in the long run, without their most comfortable knowledge London escorts will leave in the middle of the encounter that would results them into high and dry end. They will only be left with nothing and hanging encounter. That would results their emotions become shallow and uncontrolled that even their friends could not understand what is the anger is coming from.

The usage of erectile dysfunction drugs before any encounter with a certain escorts is same as athletes taking enhancer drugs. This is not fair, not safe and not appropriate, not unless it was advised by a licensed doctor.

As London escorts, it would be not so easy to know when their client is reached their arousal. Natural arousal of costumers is part of the appointment. The breathing, erection and heart rate of a client will depends on the London escorts performance. But, if clients is not doing anything after the escort made her thing then it would be very difficult to identify  if he is naturally turned on or just because the Viagra that he is using.

There are men who feel nervous once they going to perform sexually with an escort. Stage fright and nervousness is understandable and evident, but using a pill for making it more comfortable is quite and entirely a different thing.

The truth is instead of having an intensified encounter with the London escorts costumers left with a raw and sore – same as the escort. Costumers were dissatisfied, London escort is tired and upset and no one of them is happy.

Gentlemen who take Viagra without proper prescription brings risk to their health. Men who abused in taking it often brings them illegal thing. Even if they are getting them on the dealer down street or through online pharmacy, they still always have the risk of not having troubles most especially on their health. There are pills that are not labelled which sometimes on a cheaper price that would certainly give so much risk to health. They even get it from illegal sources that would involve you to the illegal act because you allow this pill to use. Buying itself could make you trouble.

Men who has health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease problems or even visual problems are not allowed to take Viagra without physician’s advice. Using Viagra could results to complication with the above mentioned health conditions.

Once a London Escort Identifies the wrong usage of Viagra the session would technically be over. The usage of Viagra is only to those who issues sexually because if not affection and enjoyment and intimacy would definitely vanish like a bubble and totally be replaced with the need to orgasm, which is not the main reason why men meet London escorts in the first place. Make sure you to make things easy between you and London escorts. It would be best that you two agreed on the things that will happen on the encounter and open for whatever drugs if in case you have such in order for the London escorts personality know its stand on how deal with the situation. With this you two will not be left hanging but you left with heaven and satisfaction.